Expert Tips On Layering Necklaces

The layered necklace trend you've been seeing all over Instagram this year isn't always as effortless as it seems. We've gathered our best tips & tricks to help you achieve the perfect layered look!


Always start off with your shortest necklace. Figure out what length is most flattering on you as a base to start layering with. We usually opt for 16 inches.



Adding in some dimension will take your layers to the next level. Instead of all delicate chains or all chunky gold, mix them together for a well balanced look.



Necklaces seem to tangle together when being worn all day without proper spacing. Try to keep each necklace 2 or more inches apart so they don't tangle together. Our necklace chain extender is a small but mighty accessory that does exactly that! You can easily attach and detach this useful piece to any of your necklaces to keep everything layered perfectly.

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A hack we recently fell in love with is linking the clasp of one necklace to the ring of the second necklace & the clasp of the second necklace to the ring of the first necklace. You may need to re-read that, but it works! This lets you to wear your necklaces layered at any length by just giving either necklace a gentle pull. Think of it like a pulley system!



Our favorite part of putting together a layered look is making it unique. Always be sure to add a pop of color, charms, or beads into the mix to showcase your personality and make you stand out from the crowd!


We hope you enjoyed these tips! Now it's your turn. 

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