The 3 Jewelry Trends You Need To Own This Fall... and The 3 That Are Expiring

We are not sure how or when it happened, but Fall has arrived in New York!  With every new season, we love to refresh our jewelry.  If you're like us, here are the trends you need to know about and the ones that are taking a back seat for Fall 2020.



Out: Dainty Chains

Delicate gold necklaces worn on their own are easily lost. We recommend layering these for more of an impact.

In: Chunky Chains

Chunky chains are the must-have for the season.  We're styling our jewelry the same way we're approaching our fashion - with layers, texture, and leaning into chunky styles. Look for gold chains that have bold proportions and weight. 



Out: Oversized Earrings

Its time to put our big earrings to the side and reach for a more relaxed, everyday option.

In: New Life For Pearls

We love the way pearls are being re-invented this season.  Mother of pearl is no longer just a traditional strand. We love the idea of new proportions giving this sophisticated style a modern touch.   



Out: Small Diamond Initials
We are trading in our delicate initial charms for brightly colored and more meaningful statements. 

In: Symbolic Charms
Everyone has been gravitating towards transformative symbols like the heart and compass, celebrating love and journey in a time when we need it the most. 


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